Little Black Dress Club

Meet Donna who has Just completed our 6 week

Little Black Dress Club

Whilst working in an office job I constantly picked at the regular cakes and snacks on offer. So much so that I put on over a stone in weight.

I felt awful and ended up asking my mom if I could borrow some jeans as none of mine fit me anymore.

I moved house and started a job as a Postman and expected the weight to just drop off with all the added walking. This didn't happen.

During the summer holidays I took my daughter to a gymnastics course at The Ryland Centre and saw The Little Black Dress Club advertised. I spoke to Chelle about it and felt really enthusiastic.

I signed up and it was the best decision I have ever made. It has totally changed my eating and drinking habits and I have met a lovely group of ladies.  We have all been on a fantastic journey together and we have all had brilliant results. We owe our success to Chelle, she has guided us and supported us all the way and without her I think I'd have given in.

I now feel fitter, healthier and best of all I fit back into my wardrobe full of clothes again.

The Club was not just a 6 week quick fix...its a total change of lifestyle, a change to the way I view food and the way I cook it. It was educating and fun.

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