Tips for preventing lockdown snack attacks

Tips for preventing lockdown snack attacks

As we remain in lockdown snacking can happen all too easily, but why do we snack? And how can we learn to control the need to pop to the fridge one more time.

Two of the main reasons we get the urge to snack are boredom and stress.

Stress causes a hormonal release in your body commonly known as the fight or flight response, when this happens your body thinks it’s in danger so sends signals. One signal can be to take on extra fuel for the potential extra tasks it may have to perform, these are typically going to be high calorie items.

Keeping occupied and creating a routine are really important and key to helping control cravings, particularly those that come from boredom and stress.

You could be snacking because your daily routine has changed, and you have more easily accessible food than you normally would, creating a new daily routine can really help. Keeping occupied is also a key solution to helping snack less, this could be anything from playing a game, working out, reading, trying to learn a new skill and staying socially connected while you’re socially distancing.

Finally making sure your main meals are well-balanced and rich in nutrients is really important in minimising your snacking.