Management changes from April

Management changes from April

We are pleased to inform you, from April 2023, the responsibility for managing the Ryland Centre will pass to Bromsgrove School, a reputable and trusted local employer whom we have a close working relationship as the School have utilised the outdoor facilities at the centre for many years.

Bromsgrove School will continue to offer the leisure facilities for public use and continue with the obligation to maintain the facility as a community asset for the local people of Bromsgrove. 

During the period SLT have managed the facility, we have invested significantly to create first-class facilities leading to a steady growth in membership, increased use by the community and added social value locally. This has only been possible through the members, and we take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years, particularly post Covid.

Your membership will pass seamlessly with our support to Bromsgrove School who will write to you in compliance with the direct debit legislation. In accordance with GDPR regulations, Bromsgrove School will become the controller of the personal data we currently hold, you may opt out of this transfer by notifying or telephoning 01527 575387.   

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the Ryland Centre; telephoning  01527 575387 or via email at