It wasn't just about my weight my health was suffering to.


I had been in denial for years, "Of course I could lose weight whenever I wanted" - Errr no way Mister !!

I had to do something. But what?

Marnie, who had been a member of the Ryland Centre for a few years had suggested ( well basically told/ordered me !) to try out the gym, maybe try a class, have a chat to the staff. She was also worried about how out of shape I had become & what was going on inside my body that I couldn't see ( i.e visceral fat ).

"Whhhhhhaaatttt - join a gym full of meat heads pumping weight?!" (so sorry for this comment ! )."Join a class - jumping up & down to rubbish music -NO THANKS"

Still fighting it ! I would often state that I couldn't fit a visit to the gym in as I was on my feet all day at work, I would then come home & cook the evening meal ( love cooking ) then spend all night sitting down watching my Darling TV. Exactly, how could I get to a gym while leading such a busy life. Too busy !

Over to Marnie again - last throw of the dice -  ‘I have heard of a free course called Couch to 5K, a 9 week program designed to get you off your backside a gradually work you up to running 5K ( 3 miles ) non stop.

Why don't you try it?’

Now then, when I was young boy, I was a member of Bromsgrove & Redditch Athletic Club & I loved it, but I was young, and it was 33 years ago. Surely I couldn't run again especially carrying this weight!

BANG - This was it! This could be it! Can I do it? Well I had to try! I was intrigued !!!!

So I walked into the Ryland Centre ( nervous - Big Time ), saw a few friends who were waiting for another class with big smiles on their faces ( they couldn't believe I had made it ).I felt nervous but also happy-ish ! I thought,  ‘I like it here’ and I hadn't even made it to the track yet !

Another friendly welcome from the instructor & waheyyyyy ! Hello track, hello old friend, it had been 33 years since I had stepped onto a 400m all weather running track ( was getting a bit emotional now ! ).

Then we started running - oh God this is HELL! aahhhh.

Anyway thanks to the support of the fantastic instructor, my fellow C25Kers & a lot of early morning homework runs, I finished the course. And I enjoyed the experience so much I joined the Ryland Centre. Waheyyyy ! Couldn't believe it! I wanted to carry on running & improving & was advised to try out a Spin class (whhhaatttt a class !!!)

So I did & oh how I loved it! ( I do spin 3 times a week at the moment .Would love to do more ).

Next up-  Hour of Power ( whhhhaaatt? jumping up & down to rubbish music - yes sorry) Err no. What a workout!

The Ryland is now a massive part of my life. It has changed for the better. I now have a lovely, lovely, challenging hobby again after many, many years. I have met some lovely, positive people who have become great friends that I love working out with , and the staff have been so encouraging. They always have time for you& will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

Since starting the c25k & joining the Ryland, I have to date run 3 10k's,2 half marathons, improving my pb's each time & several more races entered. I am also hoping run the London & Birmingham marathons in 2017.

So what I'm trying to say is, if it wasn't for the Ryland Centre , and some not-so-gentle coaxing from Marnie, I wouldn't be as happy & healthy as I am right now. Sometimes, only sometimes, I can't make it to classes & I actually sulk !!! Yes, I know, mad innit !!!

So a big ‘Thank You’ to Chelle, Lindsey & the other members of staff at the Ryland for creating a happy, challenging, hard-working and fun environment.

You gotta get yourselves down there !!!!!


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