New Gym equipment is now here

New Gym equipment is now here

Our brand new gym equipment is now here ! 

£90’000 has been spent to improve the equipment in the gym and we’ll be added some exciting new pieces of equipment.

Cybex Sparc Trainers

While this piece of kit may look like a traditional cross-trainer, this simple to use piece of kit gives you a highly effective non-impact workout, designed specifically for maximising High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.


Lifefitness Powermills

Climbing stairs is great for cardio but finding a longer enough set can be a challenge, Powermill brings you an endless set of stairs that focuses heavily on your lower body. Great for HIIT sessions or longer more moderate effort sessions.


Lifefitness IC8 indoor cycles

A high-performance indoor cycle for serious riders and a challenging power trainer for all users wanting to see faster results. With greater power accuracy, wattage and performance data than any other indoor cycle. Combined with its very own free app the IC8 delivers superior results.


Lifefitness GX Rowers

Deliver a fantastic low impact whole body workout whilst the Fluid Resistance technology delivers a smooth and natural feel, combine this with a wide range of resistance adjustment means this piece is suitable for a wide range of users.


Lifefitness Insignia Series Pec Fyle/Rear Delt

A two in one machine, with a wide selection of weights available makes this piece suitable for any member looking to work their chest or upper back.


4 station Cable System

Four separate stations including seated row, lat pulldown, and two adjustable pulleys. A great piece for those members looking to get bigger and stronger upper body.


Lifefitness Insignia Series Adductor/Abductor machine

A two in one machine designed to isolate your inner and outer thighs.


All of our cardio equipment has been replaced with the latest technology.

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