Accurately track your workouts with Myzone.

Are you working out and just not seeing the results you thought you would? 

Did you start seeing results but now they have slowed day or may have even stopped?

Do you actually know if you are working hard enough or even in the correct heart rate zones to achieve the results you actually want to see?

We all go through the motions. We start off giving maximum effort to our sessions, but we become complacent and our bodies get used to what we are doing, especially if we are doing the same class or gym session.

By wearing a Myzone heart rate belt this stops complacency at every workout. By seeing your heart rate on our studio screen or the myzone app you can see if you are getting the most out of your workout, and also tailor your workout so your heart rate is in the correct zone.

Not only that you will score points (MEPS) on every workout. To maintain your goal you are to achieve 1200 MEPS per month. So with that in mind Myzone also encourages you to workout and not skip workouts, as every month you achieve  you 1200 MEPS you achieve a higher ranking.


To help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals we have the following Myzone Packages available:

Belt Only £129.99 

You can purchase the Myzone belt directly from us for £129.99. When doing this we will book you in with a member of our fitness team who will help you set up the app and explain how the belt works. From here you can monitor all your workouts and ensure every workout is a good workout.

MyZone Personal 6 week personal training package £199

With our personal training package you will receive your myzone belt, along with 6 personal training sessions where our Fitness trainer will work with you for 6 weeks helping you achieve your goal whether that be fitness or weight loss results based.

MyZone Membership upgrade £49 per month (12 month contract)

With this membership option we will cancel your current membership and you will pay £49 per month for 12 consecutive months. You will get all of your current benefits plus the following:

  • Myzone belt
  • 6 personal training sessions
  • Access to our weekly Myzone small group training sessions
  • 7 days advance booking on classes
  • Free access to all of our Fitness master classes
  • Access to our myzone facebook group / online chat and workouts.

So whatever your goal we have the MyZone package for you.

For more information on MyZone please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 575 387 or email us at 

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